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4 reasons to invest into the solar systems

Savings on costs and money
Thermodynamic solar systems will save your money for heating water in your home. These systems use warmth of the environment and sun radiation, too. Thanks to these energy gains, they can work effectively for the whole year.

Highly efficient generation of heat
Thanks to combination of extracting warmth from surrounding environment and from sun radiation, the devices achieve high COP. Average annual electricity consumption for heating 100 l of water from 8°C to 52°C is only 27 kWh. With the price for electricity 0.13€/kWh, we can heat 1000l for €3.51.

Fast installation and minimal maintenance
Installation of small devices for households takes only one day. On the installation day, the panel will be placed on the given location and then connected to the tank. Energie systems are completely without maintenance. When installing, the required parametres will be set and nothing more is needed then. Devices are handled by its controls.

Environmentally friendly
Energie devices include new modern coolants, which can generate heat. Durability of these coolants is not time limited, so the coolant in the closed circuit is not changed.