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What should be considered when buying thermodynamic system?

Essential is to consider, how many people will live in the house or use hot water. According to this information we design a system. It is always good to count 50l of hot water for one person a day. Nothing will happen, if you choose unit with 200l tank and then your friends or family will stay for a week at your place. You just adjust the operation to boost function and the device will take care of heating up required volume of water.

When you think where to put a panel, it is necessary to consider location, which would expose it to sunlight to the highest extent possible. Panels should be placed as close as possible to the tank. For these systems it applies, that the shorter the distance of copper tubes the higher performance of device.

We are an exclusive supplier of the ENERGIE and ORCA thermodynamic panels and heat pumps. ENERGIE owns a patent on these products and is a leading company in production of thermodynamic solar panels. ENERGIE is sold in more than 29 countries on four continents.

New generation of solar panels does not incorporate glass or other fragile material. They are highly resistant towards weather conditions, so the durability of the system is more than 15 years and durability of the solar panels is more than 25 years.

Authorised installation of the domestic hot water system takes one or two days (depends on the location of the panels and other systems), so the delivery time is reduced to a short period.