Acquirement of the state aid and support for green households works in this way:

You as a customer yourself choose which system you want to buy. Afterwards, you find a company, who will make a price quote for you. If you do this, it is necessary to register a coupon, sign the agreement and then the installation with state aid is complete; moreover you save your money and the environment. Unfortunatelly, it is not as simple as it sounds.

However, we can help with every step of settling the state aid!

Every unit must be designed according to customer´s need for heat. If somebody has a new building with modern materials and a young family is living there (4 persons), we would propose them different unit than to a family house, which is older, insulated and there is a family without children. There are tons of factors, which need to be considered, especially the heating system. If we help customer to choose the unit, they should find a certificated company, which would design whole work – from the device delivery to first start of the device. IMAR SK is a certified company for installing the heat pumps, solar systems and photovoltaic systems. In the counties of Rimavská Sobota and Lučenec and nearby regions, you wouldn´t find another company providing any similar activities.

If the customer wants to draw support from SIEA, the installation must be carried out by a certified company. After defining the equipment and choosing a company, the customer should fill the online form on, and according to this form an agreement and coupon should be sent. We are offering you help with drawing this aid from the beginning till the end. We would like to provide you more information in person. You will get a price quote from us, which include all works needed for the installation. Some competitive quotes don´t include all works connected with realisation, for example the passages through external wall, connection to existing heating system, modification of subsoil for outdoor unit etc. Therefore you should as a customer read all price quotes and study all devices.

You can find more information on aids here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues will readily help you and answer all your questions.

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