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We are an exclusive Slovak supplier of ORCA heat pumps and ENERGIE thermodynamic solar panels, which is currently a leading company in the world and is sold in more than 29 countries on four continents.

Our company will provide you complete pack of services from custom-made offer and inspection, through delivery and installation of the system, to the guarantee service. Without saying, we offer complex support when settling state aid.

How does it work?









Thermodynamic solar panels

These panels extract energy not only during sunny days,
but also when it is raining,
foggy and even during the night, 24 hours a day.
Therefore, they are the most efficient and effective solution
not only for the households, but also for block of flats, hotels
or even shopping centres.

Heat pumps

ORCA heat pumps are suitable for the whole-year heating of houses and also for generating of domestic hot water (DHW). Enormous benefit of the ORCA heat pumps is the independence and meeting the requirements for getting the state aid.

Domestic hot water (DHW)

– up to 55°C hot water
– savings up to 80% of expenses
– system without maintenance

Central heating

– comfortable room temperature
– switching between pool heating
and house heating

Pool heating

– swimming pool can be used
for 7 months
– environmental protection
– low costs

Huge volumes of DHW

– substitution for traditional boilers
– low operating costs
– suitable for hotels, schools…

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We, readily, will help you to find the ideal solution or we will help you with the application for the aid.


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10 advantages of thermodynamic solar systems:

  1. not dependent on sun light
  2. heat water up to 55°C
  3. provide comfortable temperature at your home
  4. can save up to 80% of energy costs
  5. use the ambient temperature even in the night, rain or from fog

6. the installation is simple
7. no need for the special maintenance
8. wide offer of various models
9. suitable for households and also for greater application
10. environmentally friendly

Perfect symbiosis

Third generation of solar energy

THERMODYNAMIC SOLAR PANELS extract the energy even in the night, rain or fog.
Your house or block of flats is perfectly charging during the whole day.

Our priorities


New generation of solar panels does not incorporate glass or other fragile material. They are highly resistant towards weather conditions, so the durability of the system is more than 15 years and durability of the solar panels is more than 25 years.


Low weight of a panel, 8 kg, allows the angle of installation from 10° to 90°. Thermal panel can be installed on roofs, flat surfaces or on facades.


Authorised installation of the domestic hot water system take one or two days (depends on the location of the panels and other systems), so the delivery time is reduced to short period.


We are an exclusive Slovak supplier of the ENERGIE thermodynamic solar panels, which is currently a leading company in the world and is sold in more than 29 countries on four continents.

If you became interested in our world of energies, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will, gladly, advice and help you.

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