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Svet Energií

Svet Energií was founded in 2012 as the division of the I.MAR company. The company focuses on distribution and installation of thermodynamic solar systems and heat pumps by ENERGIE and ORCA companies. Our mission and target is to bring new technologies on the Slovak market, which would improve comfort of living and housing, and which significantly reduce the energy costs. We bring to our clients effective solutions through the energy from renewable resources, which from longtermed view significantly save and valorise their money.

I.MAR begаn its story in 2003 and its activities are aimed at housing reconstructions and replacement of the openings on buildings. In 2010, we successfully widened our portfolio of services and products, which currently provide complex reconstruction of households, literally, from floor to roof.

Why Svet Energií?


We are an exclusive supplier of the ENERGIE and ORCA thermodynamic panels and heat pumps. ENERGIE owns a patent on these products and is a leading company in production of thermodynamic solar panels. ENERGIE is sold in more than 29 countries on four continents. On the other hand, ORCA heat pumps are suitable for the whole-year heating of houses and also for generating the domestic hot water (DHW).


New generation of solar panels does not incorporate glass or other fragile material. Besides their low weight (8kg), they are highly resistant towards weather conditions, so the durability of the system is more than 15 years. Heat pumps are functional at temperatures as low as -15°C, what in our conditions means that you do not need any back-up power. If the temperature falls under -15°C, the ORCA heat pumps have their own built-in backup power, which will ensure continous operation.


Thermodynamic panel can be installed on roofs, flat surfaces or on facades. Authorised installation of the domestic hot water system takes one or two days, so the delivery time is reduced to short period. Installation of heat pumps is also fast, it lasts maximum for three days. It is necessary to place outdoor and indoor units, which will be suspended on the wall. The unit with built-in water heating will be placed on any location.


Our company offers you a help in settling the state aid. We provide more information upon request. You will get price quote from us, which include all works needed for the installation. It is important to emphasize, that some competitive offers do not include all necessary works, e. g. passages through external wall, connection to the existing heating system etc. Therefore you should read in detail every price quote and study every device.



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues will readily help you and answer all your questions.

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